3 Tips for Selling More Coffee in Your Restaurant

In your restaurant, you probably offer coffee. However, if you want to start selling more coffee in your restaurant setting, you should consider upping your game. These are a few ways that you can boost your coffee sales -- and your profits. Give one or all of them a try, and you may notice more and more people stopping by and ordering coffee. 1. Offer Flavored Coffee In the past, a lot of coffee drinkers were happy as long as you offered both caffeinated and decaffeinated options. Read More 

Three Foods That Will Go Great With Different Specialty Popcorn Flavors

While it can be convenient to make ordinary popcorn in the microwave every once in awhile, there are few foods that go better with a movie or TV show than gourmet popcorn flavors ordered online or at a store. Especially if you're planning to have guests over who are looking forward to eating the specialty popcorn with you, preparing a simple side dish for the food will make for a very memorable meal. Read More