How to Sell More Gelato Pints

If you've been stocking gelato pints at your shop, but they are being bought rather slowly, you're probably looking for ways to increase sales. Gelato is delicious, and most people love it — but it still does not sell itself. Of course, you can do basic things like post more signage and make sure your pricing is on-point, but there are also some bigger and more creative ways to sell more pints of gelato.

1. Include spoons and napkins.

People may want to buy the gelato not to take home, but to enjoy it at a nearby park or even in their car on the way to an event. They won't be able to do this if they don't have spoons and napkins! So, make sure you have these available in your store. You may even want to set them in a basket near the gelato pints so that your customers know, without having to ask, that you have the to-go utensils needed for them to enjoy their sweet treat.

2. Stock the more conventional flavors.

These days, gelato companies are getting pretty experimental with their flavors. You'll see creations like double chocolate chip gelato with marzipan and cherries. Of course, these creations can be wonderful, but they don't appeal to everyone. Older customers, especially, may just want some classic pistachio or chocolate gelato! So, consider stocking a couple of classic flavors, and a couple of creative flavors. You can always keep the classics in stock but rotate the creative flavors now and then to give your more experimental customers something new to try.

3. Design a place to enjoy it.

If your shop is a coffee shop or ice cream store and you already have places for people to eat, then you're set. But if your shop is more of a store and you don't already have tables, then consider adding one or two to your setup. Create a cozy little nook in one corner, or set a table out on the sidewalk in front of your store. Some customers are more likely to buy gelato if they have a place where they can sit and enjoy it.

4. Offer information on the manufacturer.

Gelato is often seen as a specialty, novelty food. So, when people buy it, they like to know a little about the artisan who crafted it. If you offer some information on the manufacturer, more people are likely to buy it.

With the ideas above, your gelato pints are going to fly off the shelves. Learn more by contacting food suppliers like Palazzolo's Artisan Dairy​.