The Process Used To Make The Best-Quality Ice Cream

Ice cream quality is actually a very difficult thing to get right. At a very minimum, ice cream needs to be made in a manner that produces a safe product. However, you will also want the ice cream to be delicious even when serving up plain ice cream. Therefore, it's important to choose an ice cream supplier that has an excellent formula for how they make their ice cream.

The Best Formula

The formula refers to the various ingredients added to ice cream and the percentage of the ice cream that each of these ingredients comprises. For example, the percentage of milk fat and non-fat solids must be high enough for the ice cream to have the right consistency. 

For ice cream to be considered "ice cream" in the US, it must contain fat. If it does not contain enough fat, it would instead be called gelato or soft-serve ice cream. 

Perfecting the Consistency

The consistency of your ice cream is affected by how many ice crystals form when making your ice cream. Sweeteners and salt raise the boiling point of water and lower the freezing point. This makes ice cream possible because it becomes soft enough that you will be able to scoop it and chew it.

The physical structure of the ice cream is based on the milk fat content. The structure is formed as the heavy cream is whipped and fat particles begin to form a solid structure. Air bubbles are then trapped during this process and play a role in the formation of the structure of the ice cream.

Smaller Ice Crystals are Better

The ice cream will need ice crystals. However, the smaller the ice crystals, the smoother and creamier the consistency will be of the ice cream. To make the ice crystals small, it is necessary to control the speed and temperature throughout the process of creating the ice cream.

Speed and Temperature Matter

The ice cream needs to be made as quickly as possible. After it has been created, it then needs to be stored at the coldest temperature possible. This will cause the ice crystals to be as small as possible and will lead to better-quality ice cream.

Then, when selling ice cream, there are many ingredients you can add to change the flavor of your ice cream. It's best to try a few experimental flavors and also serve fan favorites such as mint or Neopolitan. Speak to an ice cream supplier to learn more.