Want More Flavors But Don’t Have The Space? Ice Cream Flavoring Syrups To The Rescue

There's something to be said for all-natural ice cream using real fruits and sweets for flavorings. But having a large selection of flavors created this way can lead to storage and efficiency issues for smaller ice cream companies. If you're creating different flavors from natural sources, you not only need storage room for all those fruits, sweets, and so on, but you also need time and space to process those items to add to your ice cream base. Plus, flavoring syrups have some additional practical advantages.

Easier Storage

If you're going to make strawberry and chocolate ice creams for your shop or for sale, for example, and you want to use real berries and chocolate, you need to have storage that's cool enough to keep both of those items good until you can use them. And that's a small sample of what ice cream manufacturers use; many also have other flavors that require storing more food that needs to be kept very cold. Flavoring syrups often just need a dry, cool place to sit, and refrigeration isn't really an issue. You can use that extra space for more freezer space, where you can store finished gallons of ice cream.

No Seeds or Pulp

Naturally flavored (truly naturally flavored, and not using "natural flavors") ice cream is really tasty, and a lot of people appreciate these treats. That being said, these ingredients, especially the fruit-based ones, often generate waste in the form of pulp and rinds. There's also the risk that using real fruit, for example, could lead to seeds and pulp in ice cream. Sometimes people expect that, such as with strawberry ice cream, but for other flavors, such as mango, stringy pulp is not something people want to bite into. These syrups allow you to flavor the base without adding material that people won't want to eat.

Expanded Flavor Line

These flavored syrups are great for creating larger amounts of conventionally flavored ice cream, but that's not their only benefit in terms of what's available. Flavored syrups allow you to create ice cream flavors that might not otherwise be feasible, such as lemon (the prep time to get the lemon juice sweet enough and to remove all pulp could be cost-prohibitive), root beer, and other flavors.

These flavored syrups are not just fast ways to flavor an ice cream base. Their use saves you space and time and lets you create more products for sale that are beyond the "traditional" ice cream flavors. If you've been using only a few flavors so far, it may be time to start experimenting with more.

Reach out to a wholesale ice cream flavoring syrup supplier for more information.