Order Ingredients Online For Your Favorite African Cuisine

Regardless of whether you once lived in Africa or you simply enjoy the delicious cuisine the country has to offer, you should be able to make the foods you love in the comfort of your own home. Instead of feeling like you have to travel somewhere to find all of the ingredients required, you can order a number of them online all from the comfort of your own home. Check out these three foods and some of the different items you can order online to make them.

Fritters, Flatbreads and Batters

To make some of the tasty fritters, batters and flatbreads that you can find in Africa, you need teff, cassava flour, barley, ground millet, sorghum and porridge. You can also use the ingredients to make grits. While some associate grits with the south, they are also important to African cuisine. Everyone enjoys these delicious treats. You can order the cassava flour, barley, ground millet and other ingredients online. These non-perishable items will last for quite some time, which allows you to stock up and save more.


One of the main staples of every African meal is a starch. They utilize starches to create a stew composed of vegetables, meat, yams and cassava. Mix in an assortment of hot spices to give it flavor and you are set for a tasty treat. Okra is often used to help thicken the mixture. Peanuts are often added to many dishes as well to give their meals a bold, nutty taste. Choose to mix and match the meat and vegetables to create an assortment of different stews all with a starch base inspired by African cuisine. The spices and cassava can all be ordered online to make sure you have the primary flavors needed for your stew.


Along the African coast, many individuals would enjoy fresh fish that had been marinated in a mixture of cayenne, tomatoes and ginger all cooked with a delicious peanut oil. Don't forget to add in some scallions, marinades, lime juice, garlic and chopped vegetables. While you cannot get the fish online, you can get the lime juice, ginger and cayenne to name a few. These ingredients will help get you on the way to a delicious fish-based cuisine.

With so many different African cuisines out there, it makes sense why many people are stocking up on the primary ingredients online. This gives you the main items needed while being able to save on cost.