3 Tips for Selling More Coffee in Your Restaurant

In your restaurant, you probably offer coffee. However, if you want to start selling more coffee in your restaurant setting, you should consider upping your game. These are a few ways that you can boost your coffee sales -- and your profits. Give one or all of them a try, and you may notice more and more people stopping by and ordering coffee.

1. Offer Flavored Coffee

In the past, a lot of coffee drinkers were happy as long as you offered both caffeinated and decaffeinated options. However, nowadays, more and more people are enjoying flavored coffee instead. To boost your coffee sales and to become known as a place in your local area that offers cafe-style coffee, you should consider offering flavored coffee options. You can purchase coffee from a food supplier that is already flavored, or you can add flavor to your coffee offerings by using flavored syrup. Along with offering basics like vanilla-flavored coffee, consider offering seasonal options as applicable, such as pumpkin-flavored during the fall or peppermint-flavored during the holiday season.

2. Remember That Some Like it Cold

Not everyone likes hot coffee, even when it's cold outside. To cater to the rest of the market, consider offering iced coffee, blended coffee or both. You are sure to sell a lot more coffee during the summer months this way, and you might be surprised by how many people will order your cold coffee during the winter months as well.

3. Provide Accompaniments

Some coffee drinkers really love their tasty and interesting accompaniments. For example, consider offering fresh whipped cream, flavored coffee creamer, peppermint or chocolate stirring sticks, chocolate syrup that can be drizzled on top of drinks and more. These are all great ways to dress up your coffee -- not only will you make it look a lot prettier, which can attract sales, but you're sure to attract coffee fans who might not order normal coffee from a traditional restaurant.

Selling coffee in your restaurant can be a great way to boost profits and to bring in a whole new market of customers. If you give these ideas a try, you're sure to notice a difference, and both your current and new customers alike may be happy about the additions and changes that you have made to your menu and your everyday coffee offerings. You may also want to consider looking into local coffee retailers, such as Mountain Valley Water, to see what brew options you might have.