Three Foods That Will Go Great With Different Specialty Popcorn Flavors

While it can be convenient to make ordinary popcorn in the microwave every once in awhile, there are few foods that go better with a movie or TV show than gourmet popcorn flavors ordered online or at a store. Especially if you're planning to have guests over who are looking forward to eating the specialty popcorn with you, preparing a simple side dish for the food will make for a very memorable meal. If you're really drawn to any of these three specialty popcorn flavors, consider going the extra mile to prepare the side that will best complement it. 

Fudge And Salted Caramel Popcorn

Although salted caramel isn't the most exotic flavor you can have on your popcorn, it's certainly a flavor that will appeal to a wide variety of people. Since caramel is so often eaten with chocolate, preparing small chunks of chocolate fudge to go with the popcorn will certainly cause all your guests to be both full and satisfied at the end of the night.

To heighten the contrast between the two foods, consider using dark chocolate in your fudge recipe instead of milk chocolate. Don't add more than a few nuts to the mix so that the fudge will have a much smoother and mushier texture than the caramel popcorn.

Nacho Chips And Jalapeno Cheddar Popcorn

If you know that your guests are really into spicy foods, jalapeno cheddar popcorn is a great choice for challenging their taste buds. To provide your guests with a break from the popcorn's intense flavor, it's also a good idea to have nacho chips with different types of toppings ready.

In addition to a healthy mix of salsas, put a large dollop of guacamole on your food tray. Especially if you're not planning to eat a normal dinner before the evening's main entertainment, the many vegetables in the guacamole will balance out both the taste and nutritional value of the meal.

Fried Apple Slices And Cinnamon Toast Popcorn

Cinnamon toast popcorn will be a great treat for guests who enjoy flavored oatmeal and breakfast buns. While serving uncooked apples with the popcorn will certainly enhance the meal, why not take a little time to cut up, fry, and add other types of spices besides cinnamon to the fruits?

The fried apple slices will be especially tasty if you prepare them right before your guests arrive so that they'll still be hot. When you eat a lot of specialty popcorn that's at room temperature, it's nice to have something on the side that will warm up your mouth.